Alan Kent – My Journey "My sources of inspiration have always been associated with my matters of interest, such as Nature, the stars, the unknown, the origins of human life on earth, myths, legends, magic, science, music, poetry, design, ancient cultures, human affairs. My subjects and themes generally fluctuate between reality and fantasy, ether and solid matter, dark and light, past-present-future. This has been a journey of interpreting and transforming reality, using different languages that suit my inner dialogue, mood and search. I call it the quest for the ineffable utopia. It has been quite an interesting journey, and hopefully it will continue to be."   Biography Recently established in Mahone Bay, Alan Kent Ch├ívez was born in Peru in 1975. From 2 to 10 years old, Alan lived in the rain forest of Peru where he developed a fascination for nature and the mysteries of creation, which later would influence his art. The looming threat of terrorism